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Delivering superior results requires knowledge, experience and creativity. It demands constant research and the systematic preservation of insights gained through our work with clients. Among its products is something we call thought leadership, our body of intellectual capital. While much of it is proprietary, there is also a part that we are committed to sharing with the larger business community through publications or books that are highly regarded by the business community.

One book that should to be part of any Manager's library is: "Weltweit verhandeln. Mit Kompetenz durch die internationale Geschäftswelt." It was published by Ueberreuter Manager edition in October 2001 and explains the "Do's & Don'ts" for successful negotiations in 66 countries.

"Weltweit verhandeln. Mit Kompetenz durch die internationale Geschäftswelt. -- Claudia Daeubner"


In these times of economic insecurity, conflicts, whether internal or external are increasing and significant in threatening corporate success and sometimes survival. Managers lack the time and often, the courage and strength to deal with these conflicts. The result is that the conflicts become deeper and more numerous.

In the recently published book "Kapitalkiller Konflikt Kompetent Konflikte knacken" (Publisher Redline Wirtschaft in September 2002) authors Claudia Daeubner and Ernst Pavlovic tackle the issue of conflicts by offering the insights and conflict solving strategies of well-known and reputable managers from major international companies like AEG, Gillette, Citibank, Honeywell and many more. Using case studies based on the real business world, they provide guidelines on how to successfully deal with conflicts in daily life.

"Kapitalkiller Konflikt. Kompetent Konflikte knacken. 20 Manager packen aus. Aussteigen aus der Streitspirale" -- Claudia Daeubner, Ernst Pavlovic

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