Leadership Competence Session or Cross Cultural Executive Effectiveness for experienced Executives and Senior Managers.


  • Recognising that leading others requires self-understanding. Gain a heightened sense of self-awareness and understanding of what drives you

  • Manage your image - take a critical look and see yourself as others see you - no delusions, a clear understanding of your external projection. Close the gap between self-image and what others see

  • Identify your "knowing-doing-gap"

  • Stretch the abilities of your people by understanding what makes them tick, as this is the essential ingredient for inspiring and developing people as well as resolving conflict

  • Understand that everybody perceives the world through a specific perception filter consisting of personality, values, experiences as well as moods/feelings

  • Increase the understanding that people always react according to their perception and not to your intention.

  • Gain the relevant skills needed to manage crisis and change to perform with credibility and assertiveness

  • Develop a better understanding of effective communication across cultures - build rapport and consensus through relating to others

  • Learn more about the art and science of selling your ideas to other people - realise that diplomacy is the art of letting the other person have your way

  • Understand the secret of success in an international environment - the art of cross-cultural leadership - from the Controllosaurus, the Bonsai & Caterpillar Manager to the Managerial Mentor who acts as a "Performance-Booster"

  • Learn how to achieve more with less budget, less people in less time