Session: Dealing Successfully With Conflict

Development of a difficult situation into an open conflict:

difficult business issue
wrong or no conflict solving methods
leads to conflict
- communication problem
- misunderstanding
- no result

increasing frustration

obvious conflict
unresolved issue and relationship problem

huge frustration

open conflict

- huge resistance from both sides
- zero results
- ego-focused behavior
- open or hidden aggression
- strong involvement of others

focus: the other one has to lose


Everybody loses, at least in the long run.


Gain strategies how to manage and handle symptoms and causes of different conflict scenarios e.g.:

- between people
- between a person and a group
- within a team
- between groups
- between business units
- between organisations

Gain indepth understanding how to analyze conflicts
Learn effective and successful techniques to manage communication and solve resistance
Learn that before you deal with the issue, you have to deal with the people/relationship
Gain the relevant skills needed to manage crisis and change to perform with credibility and assertiveness
Gain essential international communication skills which will turn conflict into co-operation (Conflict occurs when the emphasis is on differences) Reducing differences turns conflict into co-operation - e.g. blending & redirecting
Understand that everybody perceives the world through a specific perception filter consisting of personality, values, experiences as well as moods/feelings - respect the reality of your discussion partner
Co-operation between different personality types / the lens of understanding what makes others tick (a magnifying glass on behaviors reveals the motives behind them) Understanding personality differences results in not taking difficult behavior personally.