Forward Thinking

Think You´re CEO Material?
Identify your own style of management and leadership.

Senior executives of any corporation say their most important asset is "our people". Then try asking what tools they use to manage the growth of the asset with the same care, precision, and objectivity they use to manage their money, and most of them will just scratch their heads or tell you there´s nothing on the market that even purports to do such a thing.

But now there is. ExecMap, a Web-based intellect-assessment tool, which allows an organization to "look under the hood" to see where the brain power is, what training needs to be accomplished, and how its people learn best.

ExecMap analyses how a person thinks. Sound intriguing? Here´s a sample of "Intellicue´s quiz", based on the Structure of Intellect (S.O.I.) model of multiple intelligence, which acknowledges that there´s more than one style of management and leadership. Find out where you fit in-and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. To take the full exam (fees begin at US$320).


1. Can you make any sense out of the following?

2. 787-2533-------------629-4611

If each pair of telephone numbers is related to each other in the same manner, which number below would form the same relationship for the third pair?

A. 263-7819
B. 998-7656
C. 213-4377
D. 649-2918
E. 876-4321

3. If the symbol between A B and C means to put everything after it in a box , which would be the correct interpretation of the box below?

4. Statement 1: Making new friends is important to everyone. Statement 2: Everyone who has made new friends knows it is not easy. Statement 3: Sally has made several new friends.
Conclusion: Making new friends is easy for Sally.

Based in the above statements, is the conclusion:

5. You are standing between the library and post office.There is a parking lot behind the buildings. The museum is across the street in front of a vacant lot.

Using the symbols, which drawing depicts this statement?





1. Answer - the sentences is written backwards with no separation of words: "The moon and stars are all parts of the universe. " This activity measures your flexibility and adaptability. If you did not find this particular question hard and easily found the correct answer, you are probably very flexible in your views. You can see from several perspectives and appreciate other points of view. Most likely you are a manager that emphasizes compromise and consensus. If you had trouble with this one, you are probably more fixed in your viewpoints. You may find yourself trying to "force your point of view. You probably prefer a more "command" or authoritative style of leadership.

Answer is C. This activity measures your feelings toward financial information. If you quickly found the correct relationship, you are probably a person that responds well to spreadsheets, budgets, and financial statements. You can see the story the data is portraying without going through lots of calculations. If you found this question hard or puzzling, you probably have the talent to deal with financial material, but it is definitely not one of your favorite things to do.

Answer is A. This activity looks at your propensity toward the technical side of your organization. If you found that you immediately selected the correct answer, you probably enjoy the technical side of your business. You most likely are a manager who enjoys being down on the floor, rolling your sleeves up, and getting involved in the process. If you found that you were having to revisit the question several times before you could select the answer, you probably favor the larger picture of the organizations business, vision, and goals. The nuts and bolts of the process are relegated to other managers.

Answer is Not True. This activity ´measures your ability to see nuance and innuendo. If you immediately saw the correct answer you are most likely a manager that picks up on every detail, can see hidden agendas, and is cautions in decision making. If you missed it or had to reread several times, you are most likely a very popular, easy-going, pragmatic manager who accepts people the way they are rather than the way they should be.

Answer is B. If you saw the correct answer immediately, you are gifted in linguistics and enjoy verbal activity. You are probably a manager who likes and depends on meetings. You prefer the one-on-one action and dialog. If you found yourself going back and forth between the answer and the legend, you probably prefer a more detached (e-mail or memo) approach to management. You may find yourself frustrated at meetings and questions their value.

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