Individual Session for experienced Managers who are faced with difficult internal situations within multinational organisations (e.g. power games, conflict management, post-merger situations, change management processes)


  • Managing headquarters and bosses

  • Preparation for strategic alliance negotiations

  • Delivering bad news

  • Keeping an international team on its toes

  • Insufficient (self)motivation

  • Essential international communication skills which will turn conflict into co-operation. (Conflict occurs when the emphasis is on differences. Reducing differences turns conflict into co-operation - e.g. blending & redirecting)

  • Increase co-operation and decrease misunderstanding and resistance - handle frustration and anger. Establish relevant skills needed to manage a crisis during a negotiation

  • Negotiation management: achieve a greater influx of ideas by increasing the number of behaviour patterns (e.g. yes-momentum, backtracking, mirroring, blending, redirecting, using visual impact)

  • Explore powerful deal-making concepts and skills that maximise a negotiator's ability to create and claim value on a sustainable basis

  • Identify your specific communication techniques to guarantee ongoing improvement

  • Increase your active listening skills