Hiring Process: People Skills Check


Support your interview results

The suitability of an internal or external candidate depends not only on the business expertise but also on his/her "people skills", i.e. the ability to deal successfully with bosses (headquarters), colleagues, subordinates and customers on a national or international basis. As it is impossible to identify "people skills" during an interview process we offer our internationally proven analysis techniques as an additional vital decision support tool.

An invaluable assessment tool to help senior executives to reassure and optimise their staffing decisions

  • during a hiring process

  • in internal job rotation/promotion situations

In our unique session we compose a comprehensive "people skills picture" of the screened candidate.
In video-sessions we check basic behaviour and action patterns of the candidates showing their:

  • discussion strategies with hard to handle people

  • interpersonal skills like influencing, trust building, convincing, & motivating skills

  • behaviour while delivering bad news

  • preferred behaviour under stress

  • preferred management style

  • handling of criticism (active and passive)

  • main communication & negotiation style

The "People Skills Check" is tailor-made to each situation.

We offer the "People Skills Check" also to screen candidates presented by Executive Search & Selection companies.

During the tailor-made role simulations retired Senior Executives who are former Area Managers and Board Members of Fortune 500 companies with in-depth experience act as competent discussion partners.