Preparation for Shareholder's Meetings for Board Members of publically listed companies and any Senior Executives who are asked to participate in shareholder's meetings.


One significant area of interest to Board Members of companies concerns the achievement of a successful Annual Shareholders Meeting. As shareholders are drawn increasingly from international institutions and as they become more demanding, the need for Boards to communicate effectively with them becomes more essential. SCCI and its Associates with their collective experience of running or attending Shareholders Meetings are able to make a valuable contribution towards satisfying this need by creating the environment of a real life meeting. First, before the meeting extensive use is made of the information contained in the client's Annual Report and in the research publications from institutional investors. Secondly from this information and discussions with the Board, a series of questions is drawn up, on average about 25,directed at the most difficult and sensitive areas of the client's operation and/or performance. Thirdly, the questions are put at the "mock" meeting and the responses from the Board Members are recorded on video.

By observing and participating in all three stages SCCI and its Associates are able to make constructive and informed suggestions on the clarity of the message, the effectiveness of the message and the effects of body language, as well as comments on the potential audience satisfaction level. The success of an Annual Shareholders Meeting is often judged on the effectiveness of the communication and through its rigorous process and attention to details, SCCI brings the chance of that success that much closer, as well as contributing to the saving of valuable time and costs.