What we deliver

We pride ourselves to support Top Managers during difficult business situations. SCCI helps experienced executives to realize their potential Executive EQ = the ability to deal more effectively with people: customers/clients, headquarters, shareholders, colleagues, subordinates, etc.

Preparation for Shareholder`s Meetings

Individual Sessions for experienced Managers faced with difficult internal situations

Dealing successfully with conflict

Cross Cultural Executive Effectiveness / Leadership Competence Session

Negotiation Session (international or national)

People Skills Assessment

Career Change Consulting for Senior Managers

SCCI Associates

We are supported in our approach by a group of distinguished, well known retired Senior Executives who act as challengers to Senior Management. They attend some Sessions and play a key part in the tailor-made role simulations as challengers. Thus SCCI, together with its Associates, is able to ensure that the client receives pragmatic and realistic feedback and recommendations which are capable of immediate implementation.

SCCI creates a partnership with each of its clients and adopts a very practical approach to the execution of each of its assignments.